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Class Guidelines

7th Grade Math Class Guidelines - Fall 2017

Haylie Nolan


Conference: 2:48 - 3:35


Welcome back! I’m looking forward to this school year, and I wanted to provide you with some guidelines for our class.



You will need: Folder, pencils, notebook paper (replenished as needed)

You will need all of these items EVERYDAY in class!


Classroom Expectations:

Be Prepared (have materials needed and be ready to work when the bell rings)

Be Respectful (of the teacher, other students, and yourself)

Be Positive (Math can be hard, but a negative attitude will never make it easier.)



Test: 30%

Daily: 70%


Late Assignments/Corrections:

Assignments that are turned in late are accepted, but the highest grade you will receive is a 70. Please get your assignments turned in on time. Corrections are always an option for anything that you receive a grade below 70 on. They are to be done on a separate sheet of paper, and you must show all your work and include the correct answer.

Once again, I am looking forward to wonderful year with you all!